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ClimateCoolerTM builds on the same quality requirements from the already known success Isonit Roof coating. What's new is that ClimateCoolerTM contains special UV- pigments, enabling the roof surface to reflect sun rays more effectively by up to 80%. Moreover ClimateCoolerTM has a self-cleaning effect of the surface. Flexible and easy to work with! ClimateCoolerTM is applied on clean, dry surfaces. The product has good flow and spreading capacities, it is UV stabilized, self-cleaning, water repellent, has heat and sun reflecting pigments while being open for diffusion. ClimateCoolerTM has scientifically proven efficiency. As such, ClimateCoolerTM can contribute to an improved climate. As an added benefit, the building owner can achieve financial savings because the roof surface and design last longer as a result of reduced heat stress. The cost of cooling the building can be significantly reduced and it also acheives a better indoor climate.
Solar Reflecting roof coating for application on general roofs of bituminous felt roofing, concrete roofing tiles, normal roof tiles, etc.  The product is based on special thermo-stabilizing binding agents with excellent adhesive power and flexibility of up to 200% on difficult surfaces
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